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3:21 PM

The rally continues with the Nasdaq logging its longest win streak since the dotcom era.

Once again we were lead to believe something that turned out not to be true as far as the market was concerned – Trump is bad for tech stocks. Right.

As I reiterated is this morning’s update –  I will let the breakouts be my guide.

Speaking of… This morning we had another BreakOut Alert as shares of KEY traded above their TRIGGER PRICE with volume that was on-pace to make the required TRIGGER VOLUME.

Chart courtesy of – Click chart to enlarge.

This makes for 8 buyable breakouts so far this week.

Updates on the previous 7, along with all BUYS from 2017 that are still being covered, can always be found here.

Also of note, I dropped ORBK yesterday, and so far shares are lower today -1.6% with a +43% increase in volume which is likely to increase by the close.

Our TrendLine Portfolio stocks with noteworthy action today include…

SCHW – Continues higher, now with an increase in volume.

NTRS – Getting back above its 50-day moving average.

TSEM – Pulling back on above average volume. This is a concern.

WTS – Falling below its 50-day, triggering a SELL signal.

PTXP – Nice above average volume gains today. Starting to break through previously noted resistance of $16.

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All 2017 BreakOuts Which Properly Confirmed a BUY Signal and are Still Being Covered

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Any questions or concerns, of course, please email me at