All Personal Portfolio Buys – May 2017

Richard-James– James F. Taulman, former Editor-in-Chief of the first independently licensed website to offer stock reports and services based on the CAN SLIM® investment system.

Below is a concise update on all of the stocks which were BUYS through my Personal Portfolio Service so far for the month of May 2017.

With the current rally continuing to show resilience again this past week, investors should be closely monitoring a concise watch list on a daily basis.

This list should include only high-ranked, fundamentally sound, market leaders, which are technically setting up in bullish bases of consolidation.

As is our mantra – when those stocks break out with volume behind the advance, those are your buys.

2017 continues to be a great year for stocks.

As longer-term readers know, I currently maintain and update several high-ranked stock watchlists.

Toward the end of the week I started adding more stocks to our watch lists which were setting up in bases that were shorter than I usually go off of.

Shorter base breakouts have been working in this bullish environment.

Here were just a few examples of what I came across mid-week…

JKHYICHRZBRASINAHLTANSSSYKISRGRNGMTNBSX, and YUM. You can download a report on these stocks when you sign up for a membership here.

I will continue to include such stocks in this coming week’s watch list updates and as long as they are working.

For each stock on each watch list, I set specific “trading criteria” which consists of a TRIGGER PRICE, TRIGGER VOLUME, and MAX BUY PRICE.

RULE: Any stock from a watch list which breaks out above its TRIGGER PRICE while the day’s volume is at least on pace to reach the stock’s TRIGGER VOLUME is conforming our BUY signal.

If you followed the rules and my calls and bought any of my high-ranked selections from this month, or want to learn how –

Here is a detailed update/trading plan for all of the BUYS we have had thus far for the month from my Personal Portfolio Service.

1) VMware, Inc (VMW – NYSE) is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies that provides cloud and virtualization software and services and claims to be the first to successfully virtualize the x86 architecture commercially.

This stock has been on our watch list several times and has been breaking out for us since last October.

Shares confirmed their latest BUY signal on May 1st when they traded above our noted TRIGGER PRICE with the required volume increase.

As I reported the 5/1 afternoons update at 2:00 PM – “We do have VMW trading above its TRIGGER PRICE of $93.15 with the required volume, however, shares are lower on the session.”

Later Monday afternoon shares of VMW turned to making gains and were trading above the stocks TRIGGER PRICE while the volume was making our TRIGGER VOLUME hurdle.

That action had the stock clearly confirming a BUY signal by default.

VMW   $96.81  $94.38 5/1/2017
50 DMA $90.00 $86.83 +2.57% 

Chart courtesy of

Then, as continuously noted in my afternoon updates to Personal Portfolio Members – “Shares are quietly trading near new multi-year highs and above our 1st SUPPORT…” and “There are not any concerns with this holding.”

There was some intra-day trading below the stock’s 50-day moving averages on 3/18. However, shares managed to close right at the 50 DMA (our noted 1st SUPPORT), and narrowly avoided triggering a SELL signal. This was a day after the Dow gapped lower and closed down nearly -400 points.

Shares have continued to climb since that successful test on support, and VMW was again added back to the Technical SetUps WatchList this past week, as it looked poised to once again break out. Shares did continue to trade to new all-time highs, above the stock’s TRIGGER PRICE of $95.52, yet the daily volume did not make the stock’s TRIGGER VOLUME.

For those who bought any of the previous VMW breakouts, your 1st SUPPORT is logically the highs of the previous base near $94.00, then 2nd SUPPORT is quickly followed by the 50-day moving average at $92.87.


2) Cooper Companies, Inc. (COO – NYSE) is a global medical device company. The Company operates through two business units: CooperVision, Inc. and CooperSurgical, Inc. CooperVision offers soft contact lenses for the vision correction market. CooperSurgical offers an array of products and services focused on advancing the health of families through a portfolio of products and services focusing on women’s health, fertility and diagnostics.

This stock was first added to the Technical SetUps WatchList on April 5th as shares were setting up in a base near new all-time highs and just above the stock’s 50-day moving average.

I consider this technically ideal and by far one of the most popular set ups/patterns I use.

On May 9th this selection confirmed a BUY signal as shares traded above the TRIGGER PRICE of $202.80 while the day’s volume was on pace to be above the TRIGGER VOLUME of 568,650.

COO  $217.46  $207.72 5/9/2017
50 DMA $201.50 $191.10 +4.69% 

Chart courtesy of

Since breaking out, this holding had been quietly and steadily trending higher until this past Monday when shares closed up +2.2% on a +47% increase in volume as the group moved higher.

The stock’s ranks are very still very strong while it’s fundamentals remain steady.

Technically, shares are getting a bit extended, and should be closely watched for an abrupt pullback.

Most importantly for those who bought this breakout – management still has to release last quarter’s earnings which it is scheduled for the end of this month.

Since we are sitting with only modest gains of just less than +5%, it will be more difficult to sit through the announcement. We will have to see how the stock trades this coming week before we can make a decision to SELL (all or portion) or HOLD ahead of the release.


3) Sina Corp (SINA – Nasdaq) is a Chinese telecom company. Sina operates four major business lines: Sina Weibo, Sina Mobile, Sina Online, and Sinanet. Sina has over 100 million registered users worldwide.

This stock was first added to the TrendLine SetUps WatchList on 5/9 as shares were in a downtrend, yet nearing a breakout point.

In that morning’s update to Portfolio Members I wrote – “I ran my routine stock screens this morning, and added 3 new stocks to our watch lists. We now have 7 stocks which we are watching for a potential buyable breakout.

Of those 7 set-ups SINA currently stands out for me. Shares broke out yesterday with an increase in volume. Any continued gains today, especially on volume would be buyable up to the stock’s MAX BUY PRICE.”

The stock continued higher that morning and confirmed a BUY signal as shares traded above our noted TRIGGER PRICE with the required volume increase.

SINA  $104.25  $80.02 5/9/2017
$80.00 50 DMA $73.62 +30.28%

Chart courtesy of

Shares inched higher for the next several sessions following the breakout day until 5/16 when this holding got a huge boost as the company announced earnings and the stock closed with single session gains of +18%.

Whether to hold a stock through earnings or to sell it ahead of the release is one of the toughest calls to make. This is especially true when you may not have any considerable “cushion” gains or may even be sitting with a loss.

I was all for holding SINA through its announcement.

Here is a conversation I had with a Portfolio Member at that time via Skype.

(Click image to read.)

Since the earnings release bump, shares have been somewhat volatile yet with a bullish bias.

Last Tuesday’s sell-off of -4.7% has been the worst we have had to sit through.

Shares traded higher Friday up +3.2% with a +41% increase in volume on an otherwise quiet pre-holiday session. SINA closed the week strong with +30% unrealized gains.

For those who properly bought the 5/9 breakout –

The stock’s overall ranks remain near-stellar.

Fundamentally, latest earnings announcement showed a huge increase in EPS. Annual earnings are projected to increase +86% in 2017 with estimates of +45% in 2018.

Technically, however, the recent sharp gains have shares obviously extended from any serious level of support. The 50-day moving average is at $78.96 or -30% below Friday’s close of $104.25. Technically, this stock is vulnerable for a pullback and should be watched closely for any single sessions with considerable declines coupled with above average volume.

With the earnings volatility behind us, a close below the round-$100 would be a serious concern.

Any questions or concerns, please email me directly at

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